Thursday 15 December 2016

UN sacks comic superheroine Wonder Woman as ambassador because her breasts are too big

Just two months after her appointment, comic superheroine Wonder Woman‘s time as honorary ambassador for female empowerment at the United Nations is coming to an end this week.

The UN’s decision to sack Wonder Woman comes after criticisms, including from several UN employees, and an online Care2 petition signed by nearly 45,000 people.
It called for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to drop the character for being too ‘overly sexualised’ to serve as the face of global female empowerment.
Although the original creators may have intended Wonder Woman to represent a strong and independent ‘warrior’ woman with a feminist message, the reality is that the character’s current iteration is that of a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions,’
 the petition said.

‘It is alarming that the United Nations would consider using a character with an overtly sexualized image at a time when the headline news in United States and the world is the objectification of women and girls
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