Friday 23 December 2016

Valerie Fairman From 16 And Pregnant Was Found Dead

Valerie Fairman, who starred on the show’s second season in 2010, has passed away at the age of only 23. She leaves behind her daughter, Nevaeh, age 7. While Valerie’s cause of death is unknown at this point, TMZ suspects that she overdosed on some type of narcotic.

Valerie has had a number of run-ins with the law  and she was arrested numerous times since her appearance on 16 and Pregnant, most notably in February 2015 on prostitution charges. Valerie’s friends and family have been posting memorial messages on her social media pages. “Valerie you will forever be missed,” Valerie’s sister wrote. “I love you baby girl and I will always love you.” “RIP I’m gonna miss you Valerie Fairman aka my daughter,” a family friend, along with a picture of her with Valerie.

Her ex-boyfriend, David Pryce, also posted about Valerie’s death, hinting that it may have been drug-related. “I will always miss you Valerie and I want to tell anyone who is selling s**t to people to stop,” he wrote. “We have lost too many loved ones to what you are doing…


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