Sunday 18 December 2016

Will Smith Will Still Play Deadshot In Gotham City Sirens

The other day, news broke that Warner Bros. and director David Ayer will re-team for a Suicide Squad spinoff titled Gotham City Sirens that’ll focus on Harley Quinn and a new team of all-female characters, which will more than likely include Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

The initial report also mentioned that plans were in place for a solo Deadshot movie, but from the sounds of things, Will Smith would be only too happy to reprise the role of Floyd Lawton in Sirens before that even gets off the ground.

Smith and Robbie first met while shooting the film Focus and struck up a friendship that continued into Suicide Squad, so it’s not surprising that he’s keen to work with her again. By the same token, their Task Force X characters seemed to bond in the supervillain ensemble, so it would make sense for Deadshot to pop up in Sirens if the ladies were in need of a master marksman and Smith’s name on the marquee couldn’t hurt promotion, either.

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