Tuesday 3 January 2017

Watch This New Fifty Shades Darker Trailer

Fifty Shades of Grey may have been a commercial success, scoring a cool $571 million at the worldwide box office, but it certainly wasn’t an enjoyable watch. A disappointment in the eyes of fans and critics alike, no one particularly cared for it, but since this is Hollywood and money talks, we’re getting a sequel in the form of Fifty Shades Darker.

Set to invade theatres on February 10th, just in time for Valentine’s Day, there’ve been several changes behind the scenes and unfortunately, they don’t seem to be for the best. One of the biggest reasons that the first film turned out to be such a dud was because of the heavy involvement of author E.L. James. She constantly clashed with director Sam Taylor-Johnson and as a result, the final product was nothing but a bland, boring and watered down version of the story that fans had come to love.

For Fifty Shades Darker, Universal, is keeping the author involved and has even brought on her husband, Niall Leonard, to write the script. Behind the camera is James Foley, replacing Taylor-Johnson. Whether that change will result in a better movie is still unknown, but seeing as E.L. James is once again heavily involved, we don’t have too much faith in the sequel.

Get ready to slip into something a shade darker and hopefully a little more compelling, this Valentine’s Day when Fifty Shades Darker slinks into theatres on February 10, 2017.

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