Saturday 25 February 2017

6 Signs Your Child is a Tech Addict

With technology in our faces, it is unsurprising that many of us are addicted to our gadgets. You may be very unaware of this devotion to your device. Irrespective, adults can easily streamline the relationship with their gadgets. However, for children, this is absolutely not the case. Children are straightforwardly fascinated and carried away by anything. Technology is even worse because it has simplified access to the world. How? You can Google whatever you want on your smartphones at the click of a button. So, parents should be very concerned and worried because when children addicted to anything at a very young age, it may be difficult to abdicate it as they grow. This is why it is important to look out for some signs to ensure that your child doesn’t fall into the abyss of technology and stay there. You can nip it in the bud with these signs.

Has replaced his book with Facebook
There nothing wrong with early exposure of a child to technology. But the mistake here is that some parents introduce it at a lump sum instead of gradually. If this is the case, and you observe your child always on Facebook instead of reading his books, it obvious signs. You should be concerned with his performance at school declines. It may be time to get rid of the phone.
Social withdrawal
When your child is meant to be playing with his friends, he’s either alone playing a computer game or on his phone surfing the internet. He is oftentimes doing something with technology on his own instead of building physical relationships. This is a sign that he is becoming a tech addict. When you notice this, try to encourage your child to take breaks and play with friends.
Complains of boredom
The question is can a child be bored? If they are not playing with their friends, they will play on their own! That are children for you. This doesn’t take away the fact that they can be bored. But if your child tells you that she is bored especially when she is not with a phone or playing a video game, it may be a sign. You should teach them how to engage with technology.
Spends too much time with tech
Your child doesn’t do any other thing than to spend time looking or playing with their preferred device, it is time you do something. For children, technology should only be for leisure not to be so attached or addicted to it.
They refuse to answer after several calls
A child that is addicted to tech will be so carried away that he will be unable to answer his name. In addition, he throws tantrums because you disrupt whatever he is doing. This is not good. It is better you get rid of that gadget before it gets out of hand.
Procrastination is postponing whatever you do for later. Notwithstanding, children shouldn’t be procrastinating. But with technology all over the place, procrastination is very rife among children.

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