Sunday 12 February 2017

A man is not a financial plan - Comedian Alibaba tells ladies

King of stand up comedy, Alibaba, in a post on his Instagram page urges ladies to see life different instead of seeing a man as a financial plan or an ATM. Alibaba shared a story of a lady he met back in 2009 at governor's lodge.

Apparently, the 'beautiful' lady never wants to work because she hopes on marrying a wealthy man so she can be wealthy. See Alibaba's Instagram post below:
This is what I should have sent to that extremely pretty lady I met in a Governor's Lodge, in Abuja in 2009. When I say she was a beauty... I mean finer than Bianca OJUKWU. And as we got gisting and waited for Our Excellency to attend to us, she revealed that she had a 2.1 in Microbiology. At the time, I was a brand ambassador for Chivita (Hollandia). So I asked if she would like to work with Chivita. So I could call Mr BERI. She stood up and said "Why would I go and work with this kind of body?" I then asked why she studied so hard to make 2.1 and end up not wanting to work. She said "Bros, if them tell you say I study, so you go believe?"... she then dropped the bomb. She is not looking for a job. She is looking for a rich boy from a wealthy home, marry him, have kids, and if he misbehaves... "he go settle me and i go just waka". I am bringing this up now, because after her, in the last 6 years, I have met Many young ladies with that mind set. The underlying philosophy with this mindset is that the lady believes a guy holds the key to all her aspirations. Sadly, some guys think like that too. This kind of thinking is why some ladies can not leave abusive relationships. They would rather bear the inhuman treatment than to be free of the abuse and face life on their own.
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