Tuesday 14 February 2017

I only pretend to be in love, I don't know what love means - Confessions of Lucy

Ello my name is Lucy and I am single to stupor, this is my story.

So apparently since the beginning of this month people have been asking me what my plans for today (Valentine's day) is and I have always told them: I would wake late, take breakfast as brunch, go say hello to granny, battle with network for night, see movie and sleep late.
I said this because I saw today like every normal day since January 1st, I only break all that routine when I don't sleep home. Even when I became conscious that today is Feb 14th I still didn't understand why that day should be special to me. Of course I know it St. Valentine's day, that day when true love is meant to be appreciated but I have been so single to stupor that I can't love more than myself. So when you tell me things like even my Bae has a Bae upon say I carry her go Domino Pizza and Cold Stone, I would just be like #Wehdonesir because ordinarily I can't even take myself to Mr biggs how I won come love another person reach the level say I go carry am go anywhere?. 

To me when people tell me their love story I just act interested because the simplest form of love which is Family, I don't even know what it feels like. I was born a single child who had divorced parents and grew through the boarding school system where I learnt that in the real life the only true love there is, is self-love. I know bros who killed over women and I know sisters who are digging the same gold. I was taught the only person that can love me unconditionally is me because everybody has a price you just have to know their condition.

So there you have it,  even when I get into a relationship all I will do is to pretend to love because literally speaking  I don't even know what love means, every affection I show is just an act I perfected over time and that's why I have always love being single, I get tired of acting.

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