Tuesday 7 February 2017

Lagos State to ban popular yellow commercial buses (danfo) this year - Ambode

Lagos governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, announced his resolve to ban 'danfo' busses (yellow commercial buses) this year in Lagos State. He spoke at the 14th Annual Lecture of the Centre for Value and Leadership with theme: “Living Well Together, Tomorrow: The Challenge of Africa’s Future Cities” held in Lagos.

He said 'I tell you what, I want to ban yellow buses from Lagos this year'

He continued by also describing the Lagos he intends to build, a mega city, 'My dream of ensuring that Lagos becomes a true megacity will not be actualised with the presence of these yellow buses on Lagos roads”

“It is estimated that 86 immigrants enter Lagos every hour – the highest in any city in the world – and they have no plans to leave.
“This is because Lagos has remained over time, and most especially in the last decade, the most attractive destination for those who want to realise and live their Nigerian dream.
“This ever increasing population of the state however means that we have to be on our toes to provide facilities for this more than 23 million population,”

He also gave insights on what Lagos State is doing concerning waste management '“We are also embarking on massive reform in the waste and sanitation management system.
“I don’t like the way this city is and the Private Sector Participants (PSP) collectors are not having enough capacity to do it, but again should I tax people to death? The answer is no.
“I don’t want to tax people and so, we need this partnership with the private sector so that they can invest in the sanitation management of the city and in no time, maybe by July, the city will change forever,” he concluded.

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