Wednesday 8 February 2017

The Strangers 2 Has A New Director

In 2015 we heard that some progress was being made, but then things quieted down again and after the passing of director Marcel Langenegger, who was supposed to get behind the camera here, it seemed like the project might never come to fruition. Now, however, we’ve got a new update and it seems promising.
EW is reporting that the sequel has found someone to helm in the form of Johannes Roberts and original writer/director Bryan Bertino has drafted up a new script. Plot details are still scarce, but a press release sent out earlier revealed that the story will focus on “a family who arrives at a secluded mobile home park on a road trip. They stay the night in a borrowed trailer after the power goes out, only to be tormented by three psychopaths wearing familiar masks.”

There’s no word yet on if any of the actors from the original will return, but casting is now underway and we expect to hear more shortly. Regardless if anyone comes back or not, it’s just good to know that the wheels are finally in motion on The Strangers 2, as it’s a film we’ve been waiting a very long time for and if executed properly, a sequel could be truly chilling and effective.

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