Thursday 16 February 2017

This is probably the most hilarious video you will watch today | @HaFeestoNova

Absolute Hearts Media's Hafeez Onitilo currently needs your help in winning a competition he is in for. The blogger, comedian and radio personality in his comedy and acting moves entered a competition by +Script2ScreenAfrica 2017 on Instagram.

The video features Hafeez (as Baba Kunle) as a grand father who is angry after receiving a phone call from his daughter. Apparently the daughter told Baba Kunle that her husband has refused to send their children to school because she (the daughter) only gave birth to girls. 

Hafeez needs all the help he can get in form of likes and comments on the video below so he can win the competition. Watch the hilarious video below and be sure to like, comment and also tag your friends.

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