Sunday 19 March 2017

5 Quick Fixes For Smartphone Camera Problems

There are common camera problems smartphone users occasionally run into when trying to take pictures and record videos. Today we share 5 of these problems with ways to fix them.

Blurry Images
This is probably the most common problem with smartphone cameras. Blurry images occur for two major reasons: either because you are not holding your smartphone properly when taking pictures or there is not enough ambient light in the area you are shooting the image.
You can fix the first cause by resting part of your phone on one of your fingers or in the palm of your hand when you are framing a shot. You can also brace the phone against a wall or table, or use a tripod for smartphones to help you steady a shot. For the second cause, you need to shoot in the brightest areas possible or use the flash of your camera (if it has one). You can also try using an image editor to sharpen the images.
Photos Lack Contrast
Especially when photos are shot in low light setting, they tend to lack good contrast. To fix this, the best solution is to use an image editor to process the photo after it has been taken. The automatic brightness/contrast tools of the image editor will help liven your pictures and make them pop.
Subject Appears Small
All you need to do to fix this is to shoot closer to the object. If you can’t be as physically close to the subject as you should, you can use the camera’s digital zoom. But, for the best result, you should first move as close as you can to the subject, before using the camera’s digital zoom. You should ensure that you fill the frame with the subject of the image. Additionally, you can use an image editor to crop your images to make the subject appears closer and larger. But you should be careful with this because cropping too much can cause increased pixilation.
Images Are Dark
To fix this, you should avoid shooting in low light areas, if you must do so, use a flash. Also, backlighting can cause dark images. Backlighting is when there is more light in the back of the subject than there is facing the subject. To avoid this, you should ensure that when shooting, the light is coming from behind you and is facing the subject.
Smartphone camera problems like blurry images are also caused by smartphone misuse. Most times, due to misuse, the protective coating on the lens of the camera is scratched and this makes your photos appear blurry. To keep the protective coating of the camera from getting scratched, you should take note of the surfaces you place your phone to ensure that none are rough enough to scratch the camera. You can also invest in a good phone cover to help protect the camera.

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