Wednesday 22 March 2017

6 Tips To Help Women Spend Less on Cosmetics

The amount some women spend on cosmetics is quite staggering! You don't even want to know the amount. In fact, women, themselves, will be astonished by how much they spend on cosmetics. Notwithstanding, you dare not tell some women not to use cosmetics or makeup. Some women will say: you don’t want me to look good! I want my skin to look like that of Toke Makinwa! For this one, the boyfriend is in trouble. Still, you need to check your spending on cosmetics. Here ways women can save money on cosmetics.

Use less expensive brands
We all love expensive things. The expensive bags, shoes, phones and even cosmetics as far as you can afford it. Even if you can afford it,  it doesn’t mean you should spend all your money on it. To cut down cost, go for affordable brands or substitute. Inexpensive doesn’t mean fake. It perfectly works like the expensive ones.
Buy in Bulk
You will spend less if you buy in bulk. Because if you calculate the amount you spend on buying one every time, it is more than when you buy in bulk. So, try to always buy in bulk.
Collect Samples
There are events you attend where you may be given free samples of products. Do not hesitate to collect these cosmetics samples.  Although this is a marketing strategy, the fact remains that you are not paying for it. These free samples will increase your cosmetics stockpiles.
Use Less
To cut cosmetics cost, you can decide to use your creams and lotions only when you are going out. There is no need to use it when you are home.
Shop in Unconventional Locations
If you want to reduce spending on cosmetics, you should buy from unconventional stores. Try as much as possible to avoid the high street stores.The cost of the item will be very affordable at the market or departmental store when compared with the other chain stores.
Don’t share your cosmetics
If you don’t want to buy cosmetics weekly, don’t share it with family and friends. They will be unhappy with you but it is for your own good. However, you can allow them to use it if they are willing to contribute.

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