Friday 31 March 2017

Deadpool 2 Will Contain More Action - Director David Leitch says

With Deadpool 2 finally beginning to take shape excitement is slowly starting to build in anticipation of the Merc With a Mouth’s sophomore outing. Without a release date to call its own, it’s still a long way off, though writer-director David Leitch is making a conscious effort to not only craft a distinctive sequel that stands on its own two feet, but one which also pays homage to the crackerjack energy that ensured the original became a modern-day classic of Hollywood’s crowded superhero space. 

Considering that 20th Century Fox is said to be drafting up future plans for both Deadpool 3 and an X-Force team-up movie, news that Deadpool 2 will ostensibly exist as its own beast will no doubt please those that felt burned by Iron Man 2 and its obsession with world-building.

Leitch said “There’s more action in this film. I hope we can expand it and make it interesting in an 87Eleven kinda way. The completely irreverent tone was the thing that won me over about the first Deadpool movie. I want to deliver on what they did and at the same time hopefully expand the universe.”

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