Friday 17 March 2017

Exclusive Interview With The Co Founder,

Today we caught up with Mr. Ezedinma Iroanya the Co-Founder, the fastest growing online market in Nigeria. It was really an interesting and informative time out with him as he was able to enlighten us on what is about, below is the exclusive chat we had with him 
What exactly is
Ans: is an ecommerce site which deals with Nigerian manufacturers giving them an opportunity to sell locally made products and services online. They do not need to think of marketing their product as will handle that for them free of charge.

Ans: The reason for the name is because we are dealing strictly with locally made or produced product here in Nigeria. This in turn helps our Naira grow

There are well known e-commerce stores in Nigeria so what makes stand out?
Ans: Yes you are right that we have ecommerce stores in Nigeria, but how many of them are helping in growing the Naira? Local market is the only platform in Nigeria promoting only made in Nigeria goods. And also our platform gives opportunity to everyone by owning a shop on for free

What exactly do you mean by own a shop on for free?
Ans: Every vendor planning to come on board won’t have to pay for anything, getting a store on is free, no registration or hidden charges, it all free

As a vendor what exactly does one need to do to be part of
Ans: Very simple, make sure you have quality made in Nigeria products though our review team will still cross examine them, send us a mail at or DM us on Instagram and we get back to you

The online market in Nigeria is congested, how do you intend to deal with competition?
Ans: My answer to this question is this, until online entrepreneurs know and understand that the primary objective for being in business is providing a solution, we will not get the concept of exceptional customer service right. We are here to provide solutions, from quality to delivering on time to good customer service. We have a great edge over others

What impact would have in this recession period that Nigeria is currently facing?
Ans: The impact Local Market has in this recession period is a positive one. Like I mentioned earlier anyone can own a shop for free on the Local Market site. We are promoting only made in Nigeria products,we are selling only locally made products. If Nigerians keep buying made in Nigeria goods I tell recession will disappear earlier than we expect. With this we will grow the Naira, our GDP will be where it's supposed to be

When it comes to made in Nigeria products, consumers are very skeptical of the quality, is there any measure to check the quality of products on Local Market?
Ans: takes the quality of a product very serious, we have a quality and product review team. Before any delivery is done, this team has to check that particular product and make sure it carries the same quality with what the vendor posted online before it is delivered. We have control on quality check.

One of the problems that online shoppers complain about is delivery service, how is the delivery service of
Ans: Before came on board we did a research and as you mentioned delivery service is an issue. But for us at LocalMarket, we have so far not failed our esteemed customers on delivery. We keep to time of delivery. In most cases we push to get your goods to you before the expected date. We have third party companies that handles delivery.

What is the major challenge that is facing?
Ans: The challenge is facing is getting people to register on the platform and also getting vendors to come on board to do business online. You know getting Nigerians to believe in locally made products is difficult and that is because they do not understand that we have quality things being produced in Nigeria today.

Does LocalMarket currently have any investor(s)?
Ans: For now no, we have no investors. I have been running the Local Market platform with my Partner (Ekene Urgoji).

Who exactly is made for?
Ans: is made for everybody; manufacturers are in LocalMarket to sell their locally made product. It’s meant for you as an individual for your shopping, you shop from the comfort of your home or work place. It’s where you can buy and sell.

Are you a good user of made in Nigeria products?
Ans: My brother, I am. You can see for yourself that my outfit says it all. My slippers was done by a shoe marker that is on our site, the traditional clothes I am putting on is also made in Naija.
Any last word?
Ans: If you are a vendor and your product or services are not on then you are missing out on a great opportunity and as for consumers, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to patronize quality made in Naija products. Remember the only way to improve our economy is if we look inwards and is the answer  

This interview was conducted by Abdulhafeez Onitilo (Absolute Hearts Media)

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