Saturday 25 March 2017

FIFA, FIH And World Rugby Reach One Turf Concept Agreement

World Rugby, FIFA and the International Hockey Federation have come up with a one turf concept that could revolutionise shared sports grounds around the world. After years of working together on this project, the three federations have managed to create a multi-playing field that can be used for rugby, football and hockey.

Having all three on one turf will be particularly effective for community level sport where available space and finances may be limited.
World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont said “This is a fantastic example of cross-sport co-operation that will benefit grassroots sport all over the world. While the elite level of each code has a distinct need that often requires its own specific playing surface, 99 per cent of players fall outside that professional, elite group and have different requirements. Along with FIFA and FIH, we recognise that the promotion of multi-sport facilities is a cornerstone of the development of our sports in both established and new markets.”


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