Wednesday 1 March 2017

Matt Reeves Was Brought Back To The Batman For Creative Control

According to Splash Report, creative control was Matt Reeves’ main concern for making a return to Batman. After Christopher Nolan made Warner Bros. a fortune that would make even Scrooge McDuck blush with The Dark Knight Trilogy, the studio was said to have given directors a little more leeway with their superhero films.
But when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t the runaway hit they expected it to be, reports surfaced that told us course corrections had been made, with Suicide Squad being recut to align with what focus groups liked, along with more studio oversight for Justice League. In the time since, one director departed Wonder Woman and two did likewise for The Flash all pretty much citing “creative differences.”

It’s totally within reason to believe that Reeves wants the same breathing room that Wan is being afforded. Not only that, but it’s also being said that he doesn’t want to adhere to any draft of the screenplay thus far submitted by the likes of Ben Affleck, Geoff Johns and Chris Terrio. In other words, it looks like he wants to make his Batman movie. And WB’s willingness to comply is what reportedly brought him back to the table.

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