Saturday 4 March 2017

Oge Okoye called out for claiming she owns dogs which are not hers

Oge Okoye's name is a trending topic on Twitter right now but it isn't for a good reason. The Nollywood actress reportedly put up a picture of two dogs claiming to be hers on her Instagram page (though she has deleted the post) but later it appeared she might not be the owner of the dogs.

 Kenya Moore, an American actress who seems to be the owners of the dogs, later put up an Instagram post accusing Oge of claiming to own the dogs which are not hers. It was reported that Oge only went to Kenya's Instagram page to 'steal' the pictures of the dogs and claim they were hers. See picture of the feud below:
Here is the picture of the dogs, the left is a post on Kenya's Instagram page and the right is the post Oge did

Then Oge was accused of stealing the picture of the dogs

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