Tuesday 14 March 2017

Racist Chant: Tottenham To Help Police With Investigation

Tottenham will hand over CCTV footage to help catch those who directed racial abuse at Heung-Min Son during Sunday's FA Cup tie against Millwall at White Hart Lane. A section of the away support sang derogatory chants about the South Korea international - and the Football Association are investigating allegations against both sets of fans.

In a club statement, Tottenham said “We shall be passing on all of our footage to the relevant authorities which can assist with the identification of anyone responsible for such chanting at yesterday's game.”

FA chief executive Martin Glenn has expressed his disappointment with the chants but was keen to stress how rare incidents such as these have become in English football. Glen said “I felt disappointed and the reason why I felt disappointed is because you don't hear it much in football or see it much in football anymore. I think football has cleaned itself up. Football in England is far more intolerant of any kind of phobia whether it be racism or homophobia then just about any other country in the world and we don't give ourselves credit for that. The fact that there was chanting, the fact that it was picked up and the fact that everyone is in uproar about it, starting with Millwall, shows how strong the values are in English football.”

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