Thursday 9 March 2017

Ryan Giggs Defends Paul Pogba

One time interim boss of Manchester United, Ryan Giggs admits Paul Pogba has not overwhelmed Manchester United after arriving for £93.25m but believes the 23years old midfielder would.

Pogba has failed to improve the club's endeavours in the Premier League since Sir Alex Ferguson's departure, scoring just four goals and contributing three assists in 25 games this season.

Giggs has defended Pogba's inconsistency since returning to Old Trafford, he said “I have never seen a 23-year-old midfield player dominate games for a whole season, so the £90m that they paid is obviously what people focus on and talk about, he will become a brilliant footballer, there is no doubt about that. He's scored seven goals (in all competitions), not many midfielders at 23 will do that, but because he cost so much he's compared with that price tag, when actually he's done okay this season. Okay, not brilliant, but not really bad.”

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