Tuesday 14 March 2017

#StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Two)

Today, we publish the second episode of her story titled SHALEWA. If you missed episode one please goto > #StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode One). Enjoy episode two below:

Her first outing in Nigeria was the 3 Thrones concert and that was when her life changed, the event that took place that night and the following week were significant to her current situation. Kikelomo and Shalewa didn't get along that much at first as Shalewa was mostly on the phone with her friends most especially Natasha who was also planning a trip to Kenya for the very first time. Kikelomo didn't want to be the first person to always talk to Shalewa aside from the fact that she felt she was older, she was also being careful because of what the maids told her about Shalewa.

An incident occurred 2 weeks after she arrived in Nigeria: the maids were only trying to be jovial with her but Shalewa being the arrogant type, she kept them in their place as she reminded them that they were maids and nothing could make them friends, in her word “aside serving my food and cleaning my room, you are of no use to me”. Though she later apologized for her rude behaviour but this was well over six months after she had learnt so few stuffs from Kikelomo, 

Kikelomo made her understood the that they might be maids but that doesn’t mean they don't count, she told her that whether she believes or not she can’t be fully free if she doesn’t try to make friends with the maids, at least give them the respect they deserve even if she can’t always sit with them to relate.

Shalewa is a typical girl the Yoruba people would call omo ti won tifi owo baje, her parents are rich, even though she was in Nigeria with her mum, her dad still sends her monthly allowance of $1000  and according to her she has close to a million dollars in her trust fund account which would mature once she turns 18, so money wasn't her issue and once in a while that money always get into her, something that caused problem between her and Kikelomo when they first started talking. Kikelomo's parents were also rich but not as rich as Shalewa’s parents.

Shalewa didn't know much about Nigerian music though while she was in the States she listened to a few, but they were this old genre of song that her dad listened to and she wasn't just feeling them. The day she started feeling Nigerian music was the day she picked up Kikelomo's phone and went through it. she didn't have the intention of doing it, she was actually walking pass the sitting room as she heard the phone ring, she picked it and told the caller Kikelomo wasn't around at the moment. It was after this that she went through the music library and just like that she started feeling Nigerian songs, a month after she already had her favourite artistes, which were Davido whom she has a crush on, Wizkid and Olamide.

The Morning Of The Event

Kikelomo: Now that I know you like music shows, this is just the beginning as long as you can afford the tickets.

Shalewa: As long as Olamide would perform there, then trust me sis money for tickets would always be available

Kikelomo: So where do we tell big mummy we are going to, since the event is overnight we need to find a solid excuse to give her.

Shalewa: I am way ahead of you, when I was in the state, I had this trick I use for my dad, it has never failed me before, that's exactly what I plan using, plus I am sure mum doesn’t bother like dad, we could tell her the truth and she would allow us go.

Kikelomo: Hmmm, see it's better we just find one lie to tell her, I can’t take chances of telling her the truth because if my mum should hear trust me she won’t allow me.

Shalewa: Really sis I feel for you, I mean at this your age you still can’t make your decision by yourself, well I understand Nigeria parents, if you were in the states, living with your parent at this  age would be by choice

Kikelomo: Thank God you said if I was in the States, as I no dey state, I have to obey my mum unless I want to hear the story of my life.

Shalewa: Anyway sis, nothing would stop us from going to this event unless dey cancel am (she laughed), hope I got that right?

Kikelomo: hahahaha, you try, at least you are improving

Shalewa: Like I said I am a fast learner, soon I go know pidgin pass you (she laughed again)………Conversation to be continued

Note: Names, character and every other event in this story are in no way connected or related to any real life event or person (dead or alive)

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