Monday 10 April 2017

5 Things You Should Stop Doing If You Want To Groom Your Nails

You have spent a lot of money polishing your nails and it is looking really nice and beautiful. However, within a few days, it is something else as it looks unattractive and ugly. This may be due to some of the things you do. To help you make your nails and polish last longer as well as look good, here are 5 habits you should stop doing of you want to groom your nails.

Nail biting
Habitual nail-biting also known as onychophagia is not peculiar to children alone. You will find some adults obliviously biting their nails. This said whether your nails are polished or not, it is not good to bite your nails.
Picking at the polish
You may be bored and perhaps your phone has run out of battery; the next thing you turn to is picking at the polish of your nails. Soon the polish will gradually disappear if don't stop. Then you have to spend another money to polish it again.
Wearing nail polish for weeks
Wearing the same nail polish for months is not something that should be encouraged. The maximum time you should wear a nail should be 2 weeks.
Not applying lotion
You don't want your nails looking cracked and dry when you go out. To deal with this never forget to apply lotion to your nails to make it moist.
Using your nails as tools
We have all done this before. We have used our nails to remove tiny items. If you do it often, your nails will be damaged. So, stop using your nails as tools.

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