Monday 10 April 2017

6 Funny Things Only Girls Who Hate Rocking Jeans Can Understand

The dramatic question is are there still girls who don’t wear jeans? They are very few. This is because skirt seems like it has been sacked from the streets. Perhaps, it may be due to the fact that wearing jeans is very comfortable. Despite this, there are girls who hate jeans. For these girls, there are quite a lot of comfort and discomfort that comes with wearing a skirt. In line with this, Jumia travel, the leading online travel agency shares 6 things only girls who hate wearing jeans can understand.

You're overprotective of our legs
When you see a girl who wears a skirt, she is either cross-legged or her hands are on her skirt. That’s the job given to her by her skirt. She has no choice because she can't trust the roving eyes of some men.
You skirt giving way when you want to take bike
The length of the skirt you are wearing doesn’t matter when you take a bike. If it is above the knees, you have to place your hands on your laps and if it is too long, you have to raise it. And if you are not careful, your skirt may give way and it can be embarrassing. Hence, girls who prefer wearing skirt try as much as possible to avoid taking bikes.
You don't have to go through the jumping dance
Except the jeans is a stretched one, you have to go through the pain of the jumping dance before pulling off your tight fitting jeans. And it can take time. In some cases, some girls need their friends to assist them in removing it. Why can’t you just wear a skirt?
You are never in a hurry to strip
For you who don’t wear jeans, when you get home; you are never in a hurry to strip because you are very comfortable in what you are wearing. However, since jeans are always tight, girls oftentimes get rid of it immediately they get home. They breathe a sigh of relieve.
But you own only one pair of jeans
Your wardrobe is filled out with skirts. So, you have to always wear skirts. But to say the least, you still have a pair of jean.
People freak out when they see you wearing jeans
The day you decide to wear jeans is the day people will think they have seen a ghost or you are weird. They never imagined that you will wear jeans. Don’t just mind them, proudly rock your jeans to meet your date at the Epe Resort in Lagos.

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