Thursday 27 April 2017

6 Inexpensive Ways To Celebrate Workers

Workers are the life wire of any organisation. They are the ones who ensure that your day-to-day business operations work smoothly and uninterrupted. Hence, it is important to celebrate your workers so that they will continue giving their best. There is an opportunity now for you to appreciate them. It is worker’s day which is usually commemorated on the 1st of May of every year. So, if you have been wondering how to celebrate your employees or workers, Here are inexpensive and affordable ways to do this.

Say ‘thank you’
Saying thank you to workers may be considered as one of the most ridiculous and simplistic ways to celebrate workers. Regardless, if you have a boss that has never said thank you for a job well done, you will definitely be happy if he or she unexpectedly says thank you. It can go a long way in encouraging your workers to do more. However, do not to restrict your thank you to May 1st only.
Throw a party or take them to lunch
You can also throw a small office party where there will be music, foods and drinks. And if you don’t want to throw a party, you can take all of them for lunch. You will notice the excitement and glow on their faces.
Host a friendly contest
Hosting a contest in the office can also be a way to celebrate employees. This will give them the opportunity to bond and get to know more about one another.
Present personalised gifts
You can also go out of your way to present personalised gifts to workers. Be assured that anything you present no matter how small will be appreciated. A greeting card wishing them happy worker’s day can go a long way.
Offer them shopping discount
Depending on your business, you can create a link specifically for your workers. Through the link, they can shop for any discounted items of their choice. Of course, they cannot get these items at that same discounted price elsewhere.
Take them to the beach
Workers day is a public holiday in Nigeria. You can invite all your workers and support staff for a beach party at Elegushi among other beaches in Lagos. Ensure you give them a treat!

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