Friday 7 April 2017

Agent, Tony Harris, Defends Client, Says Ahmed Musa Didn’t Beat Wife

Tony Harris, the agent of Ahmed Musa, has revealed that there was a row between his client and wife Jamila which drew the attention of neighbours on Tuesday. Musa was quizzed by the police on Tuesday after a disturbance was reported in his Leicester home, but he was later released by without being charged.

According to a report, Harris claims the Nigerian international is considering legal action after the reports of his arrest hours after he had wished his wife Jamila happy birthday on Instagram had been exaggerated.

He said “A row ensued between Musa and Jamila which drew the attention of neighbours and the police were notified, the police duly spoke with Musa along with a couple of witnesses in the house and have since closed the matter with no further action whatsoever as there is no case to answer. No charges were brought against Musa or his wife. It’s normal for a couple to have a bit of a row now and again, however, Musa did not at any point hit his wife nor was he attacked by her. It was a mere domestic issue which has now been resolved and they are now talking again. Everyone knows Musa is a jolly good fellow. He doesn’t drink or smoke, doesn’t party and has never been in trouble with the police all his life. He couldn’t harm a fly.”

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