Saturday 8 April 2017

#AHAlbumReview: Absolute Hearts Album review | The Signature EP - Iyanya

Artiste: Iyanya
Album: The Signature EP
Tracks: 8 (One Bonus)
Features: Poe, Don Jazzy, Dr. Sid
Producers: Don Jazzy, Baby Fresh, Altims

Okay I take this back, the Iyanya move to Mavin has really reinvented Iyanya and yes I have to say I am now a fan; he did a super job on the project. 
Iyanya kicked started this project with a Don Jazzy produced track titled Odeyewu and I must say this is a brilliant song. A very mature love song, it appreciates every woman out there. The rating would be 9/10.  Baby Fresh introduced us to his super production skills with the third track of this project titled Baby Answer. Iyanya cooked up another brilliant love song on this one, I guess he is really the ladies’ man. The rating would be 9/10.

Altims introduced himself on this album with Not Forgotten and I must say he did a perfect production job on this. Iyanya took us to another level on this, the passion, the melody and of course the lyrics, everything about this song is lit. Not forgetting Poe who also came in hard as expected. This is my best song on this project. Rating would be 9/10. Celebrate is the fifth track on this project and the second song produced by Baby Fresh and as expected he came through on it. Iyanya didn’t also back down he was equal to the task. The rating would be 8/10.
With just two songs I would say Altims did a very brilliant production work on the project and for the very really first time I am highly impressed. I can’t even begin to analyse this song I would just go ahead and say it as it is, this is a Grammy Nominee song, I stand by it till forever. Nobody Has To Know gets a perfect 8/10 rating. Bow For You is one of those classic Don Jazzy produced track and Iyanya didn’t dull the melody at all. This is another 9/10 rating song on this album.

All in all I would say this shamefully, Iyanya did a very fantastic job on this project, he didn’t fall short of expectations. The only weak song on this album is Hold On produced by Don Jazzy with a 7/10 rating, Up To Something carries a 8/10 rating. 

The total rating for this project is 9/10.

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