Monday 3 April 2017

Check Out The Trailer For 'The Mummy'

Tom Cruise has spent the past few years knee-deep in blockbuster action franchises, but if all the necessary pieces fall into place for Universal, Cruise could be at the forefront of a markedly different franchise by the end of 2017.
It promises to be a whole new world of gods and monsters, and it’ll kick off with the release of The Mummy this summer. Directed by Alex Kurtzman, the film places Sofia Boutella in the role of the ancient deity.  Once a princess on the verge of greatness, Boutella’s character tragically summoned the wrong god eons ago, and that unruly deity has stayed with her ever since. Fast forward to the present day, and by the time Tom Cruise’s former military man Nick Morton uncovers the Mummy’s tomb, it’s already too late. What follows is a thrilling plane sequence and anarchy on a biblical scale.

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