Saturday 1 April 2017

Here's why #5kbae, #KeepTheChangeBae and Wema Bank are trending topics on Twitter for days

Boys sha!! Some boys are really scums (yes, boys). So if you don't know why #5kbae, #keepthechangebae, Wema Bank has been trending on Twitter for days, here is why:

So seems a boy took a particular lady out on a date and the boy feels he deserves to be her boyfriend because he spent N3,800 on a date with her. It appears the lady didn't buy his 'N3,800 date strategy' and the dude went on Twitter to rant
Hmmm... this one pass me

So the lady after seeing the rant went ahead to return the money the dude spent on the date (PLUS CHANGE)

Choi.... savage of life... So Wema Bank's own is that the transfer was made from a Wema Bank account.

What do you think of this?

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