Saturday 22 April 2017

New Updates On 'Doctor Strange 2'

Scott Derrickson’s solo outing for the Sorcerer Supreme did gangbusters at the box office, becoming the biggest single-character launch for Marvel and earning pretty strong reviews across the board, too.

It has now been confirmed that Derrickson would be back for Doctor Strange 2. No release date or details of any sort have been revealed just yet but it seems that things are beginning to fire up now behind the scenes, as Deadline reports that it’s looking like Derrickson will return to direct.

Apparently, the plan is for the filmmaker to complete his work on the Locke & Key adaptation for Hulu and then head on over to Marvel to begin putting together the Sorcerer Supreme’s next adventure. Benedict Cumberbatch has expressed his desire to see Derrickson back in the director’s chair as well, and he obviously has some say over this type of thing given his star power.

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