Monday 24 April 2017

Singer Kcee called out for stealing photo of money and claiming they are his

Our Nigerian celebrities and fake life sha!!
Just when we thought Oge Okoye's saga will teach our celebrities a lesson, singer Kcee is in the news for all the bad reasons in the world. The singer is being harassed and called out on social media for posting stacks of dollar bills belonging to a certain American with username @vvs_uno.

The excited singer lifted this picture and reposted it to show that this is what he actually makes in a day – the Instagram cation which accompanied the picture reads:
The owner's post
‘No time, God I give you praise. just for one day #desire #mrromantic #romanticcalls .’
After lifting the picture, Kcee had to crop out the original user’s hand.
Kcee's post
The comment section of Kcee’s post has been turned off, but not before the real owner of the money stack commented on it.
‘Screenshotting my money pics…thirsty an lame just go get ah bag @iam_kcee’
Really? Kcee? After bragging in every music video?? 

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