Tuesday 4 April 2017

#StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Three)

Today, we publish the second episode of her story titled SHALEWA. If you missed episode one please goto > #StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Two). Enjoy episode three below:

Inspired by a True Life Story

Kikelomo couldn’t believe it, as she stared at the pack of the phone, she was shocked and speechless, in fact her first instinct when Shalewa presented the phone to her as her birthday gift Kikelomo rejected saying “Shalewa this is too much, IPhone 7, where would I tell my mum I got it from?. See I  really appreciate I do but I can’t take this from you”.

Shalewa being the stubborn Shalewa didn’t take no for an answer plus she made a strong case when she said she would tell Kikelomo mum that she was the one that got her the phone. “I wait that day you won’t have to worry about what ya mum has to say bout everything you do, well just tell her I gave it to you as birthday gift

The friendship between Kikelomo and Shalewa took a different turn when Shalewa heard that Dave is also a student of Babcock, that was the day she decided to enroll into a school in Nigeria, she had never thought about it before, not that she didn’t want to continue her education because she knew she staying in Nigeria was a punishment from her dad so it wasn’t long term but then again she didn’t want to miss the experience of bumping into Dave just like Kike once did. 

Shalewa was all excited that in 3 weeks she would be a student in Babcock University, she and Kike would be staying in the same hostel though they won’t be attending the same class considering the fact that Shalewa would be studying Physics and Kike is studying Mass Communication. As for Kike she never thought that she returning to school this new semester would be an upgrade for her, I mean from a Tecno phone to IPhone 7 (thanks to Shalewa) she knew that her status with her friends would change. Two weeks to resumption they went for shopping, from clothes to bags down to shoes, Shalewa made sure that Kike didn’t return to school with the same sets of stuff she took to school last semester, everything was brand new 

Shalewa's mum was happy that Shalewa was going to school simply because she didn’t have to always worry about leaving her at home alone and she felt this would show Shalewa’s father that she is capable of taking care of Shalewa but due to the agreement between them she knew this would be a long shot but she didn’t mind because she still see it as a win-win situation. 

Her dad on the other hand was pissed of that Shalewa’s mum didn’t tell her before she enrolled Shalewa into school so when Shalewa told her dad about her going to school in two weeks, he wasn’t really happy but he kept it cool being his usual self by giving Shalewa the same old advise he gives her in the state.

Shalewa’s Dad: Folake what are you trying do?

Shalewa’s Mum: What do you mean what am I trying to do? Would you have preferred I let her stay home one year doing nothing?

Shalewa’s Dad: I didn’t say enrolling her into school was a bad idea but you should have checked with me first, you can’t just make a major decision like that without consulting me

Shalewa’s Mum: Like you consulted me when you sent her to Nigeria simply because you wanted to punish her, she is my daughter too I hope you haven’t forgotten that. 

Shalewa’s Dad: Oh now you know she is daughter, where were you when I was changing her diaper, where were you when I held her hands on her first day of her elementary school?

Shalewa’s Mum: Gbemi you don’t have to remind of the past, I know what I gave up plus I won’t have made the major decision as you put it if you had not send her to me. You broke the agreement so please don’t blame me for trying to do the right thing

Gbemi: You call this the right thing? You know too well she would be back in the states within a year so tell me what exactly is right about what you did. Just accept the fact that you needed to get her out of the way just like you did back then, I am sure you haven’t even spend a weekend with her since her arrival in Nigeria

Shalewa’s Mum: Shalewa is a big girl so I see no reason why I should spend the whole weekend with her when I have my own life to think and worry about. If you haven’t been selfish and made love to me when you did we won’t be here because I remember telling you I never wanted kids so before you start giving me a speech of how you have been the father of the year remember Shalewa was conceive due to your selfishness, you should even be thankful because the only reason I kept the pregnancy was because I loved you.

Gbemi: Folake this is not about what happened in the past, it is about what is good for Shalewa……….

Folake:……Then I say going to school be it a month or a year is what is best for her and if you don’t like it come pick her up (she said as she ended the call)

NOTE: Names, character and every other event in this story are in no way connected or related to any real life event or person (dead or alive)

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