Monday 17 April 2017

The FREE Classifieds and Nigerians

Is Nigeria truly part of the classified ad phenomenon raging all around the globe? Just like yesterday came the boom of the dotcoms. We all caught the fever of the Y2K/Millennium bug that trended and captured everyone like an earthquake without a seismic warning. As the world continue to invent new ways for old engagements, as the penetration of internet continue to get immense and as humans continue to get compliant to improving technologies like classifieds the easier life gets.

Nigerians typically are known to be the biggest trend setters in the continent of Africa, Nigerians are renowned to be top conformist and adherents of all that is futuristic, trending and most importantly a business enabler. We hard workers and business minded, people and true to the Nigerian spirit is our ability to turn every opportunity around into a livid reality. With the advent of classifieds in the likes of, and Nigerians have not only engage in sales lead raking but have also cultivated a lifestyle for e-commerce.

Initially, first users of classified sites grappled with an understandable but lethargic fear. For a system or platform that is relatively new and have come with a few encumbrances which are related nuances with issues of internet penetration, know-how and fear of fraud all of which are now forgone situations. Nigerian users are now classified adherent in-situ, the acceptance of this form of commerce and advertising by Nigerians have come as the reality prevails upon the thousands of transactions successfully implemented so far. 

Overtime, there have been several classifieds in the Nigerian ecommerce ecosystem. These sites have been responsible for volumes of transactions and have offered this service of bridging sellers and buyers for FREE. However, the main transaction drivers have been the deals, getting a good deal that’ll cost you less than what is offered when one goes the route of a walk-in has been the single most important luster glossily dunned the classifieds in Nigeria and maybe world over.

Conversely, Classifieds have come to stay in Nigeria. As data continue to show that the more the internet penetration ratio increases the more people depend on transaction enablers like classifieds to make purchases of good or service. This good news is not the only reason why Nigerians have continued to depend on classifieds, with the opportunity to purchase both new or used product all within the same platform is an advantage other ecommerce platforms do not offer.

In the Nigeria classified site ecosystem there exist a number of names, in this landscape finding a classified site is not a thing of worry, the main worry should be finding a secure, safe and convenient classified that caters for the safety and interest of the end-users. If this in anyway may be a bane, then a good recommendation should help inform your decision when next you are in need of a reliable classified site. The likes of,, and are great classifieds worthy of your trial.

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