Monday 24 April 2017

Too Bad These Series Might Get Cancelled

If there is one thing that hurt movie lovers like me the most is finding out that one of the series you have being following got cancelled but then again there isn’t much we can do about it. Brace yourself as we are some weeks away from when major broadcast networks’ will make announcements of their new fall schedules which will mean judgment day for existing shows whose fates are still in limbo.

Today I have decided to give you names of some series I fill might get cancelled and they are as follows”.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: The last episode for the series which is been air on ABC was put at 3.6 million viewers and judging from that it would take some superheroics to keep this drama on the air for much longer.
Quantico: I have to admit the first season of this series caught many people’s attention but the way the second season is going I would say I fear for the future of the Alex Parish led series. Truth be told the second season has been confusing and that has turned many viewers off with only 4 million viewers tuning into seeing latest episode, it may be time for Quantico to sign off.
 2 Broke Girls: Now in its sixth season, the fact that CBS did not include this icky sitcom among its March renewals speaks volumes, but with a proven track record and a syndication deal, the “Girls” may squeak by for another year of bad jokes.
Pitch: The female-driven baseball drama struck out in its initial 10-episode run in the fall on Thursdays, airing against ABC’s Shonda Rhimes-heavy lineup. It was never given an order for more episodes. Fox execs were high on this show, however, and could opt to give it another inning perhaps in a new time slot.
Blindspot: I have to say I was really impress with the first season of this series but the second season of the breathless woman-with-a-tattoo action series is pacing slightly behind. Given a third season the go ahead might be a difficult call for NBC as the viewership has reduced from it initial 4.3 million viewers.
Other movies that might also get axed include; Rosewood, Timeless, Elementary, The Great Indoors, The Exorcist.

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