Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Charlie Hunnam Is Open To Play 'Green Arrow' For DC Extended Universe

It’s long been the wish of an overwhelming number of DC fans that Charlie Hunnam play Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow in the DC Extended Universe. In a recent interview the topic of playing Green Arrow came up and, surprisingly, Hunnam seems perfectly open to the idea.

He said “You know, I’m not a comic book fan so I don’t really know the Green Arrow. Do I look like him? Have they made a Green Arrow film? … Well, come on, DC, what’s up? Give me a call!”

His reaction here is a big step up from his answer the last time that he was asked if he would be interested in playing the part. Back in March, Hunnam said that playing a superhero “wasn’t part of his vision for his career or what I aspire to be.” It seemed like a pretty clear no on the matter at the time, but a few months later he now seems to be more open to the idea.

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