Tuesday 16 May 2017

Don’t Expect To See Adam Warlock In 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Adam Warlock, a popular cosmic hero from the comics who’s closely associated with the Guardians. Given his tease at the end of the aforementioned sequel, most fans assumed that they’d see him next in Avengers: Infinity War. Having the character appear in that film would make sense for a number of reasons, not least because in the source material, Warlock is heavily involved in the fight against Thanos.

Well, apparently, Iron Man, Cap, Thor and the rest of the gang will have to take on Thanos without the assistance of Adam, as according to Gunn, he won’t be showing up in Infinity War. Taking to Facebook earlier today for a Q&A, here’s what the director had to share:
Adam Warlock will not be in Infinity War … he will have a future in the MCU. But will it be in Infinity War? It will not.”

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