Friday, 12 May 2017

Here is What Filmmaker, Guy Ritchie, Says About The Remake Of 'Aladdin'

Many questions is being asked about Guy Ritchie upcoming remake of Aladdin – most notably, whether it will be musical in nature.
Ritchie isn’t shying away from the subject of his next big budget adventure. Rather, he provides a very clear, non-sensationalized update on where he is in the process of creating this new version of an old fan favourite.

He said “It’d be tough not make Aladdin a musical… I’ve really just immersed myself into that project. So I’m still looking for cast members, we still haven’t found exactly which direction we’re going in. I’m confident that at some stage it will reveal itself to me, but right now it’s just a bit too premature.”

The screenplay for this update to Aladdin reportedly comes from John August, the prospect of a union between the writing style of John August, and the very distinctive directing style of Guy Ritchie therefore makes Aladdin a very intriguing prospect indeed – before we even consider the idea of the film being a musical.

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