Friday 12 May 2017

Gotham Gets Season Four Approval

We’re pleased to say that Gotham will be coming back for another round. TV Line has been able to confirm as being renewed for its fourth season. As you may know, the Batman prequel series was the one we were most concerned about when it comes to the DC TV lot because not only have ratings been on the decline as of late, but also due to the fact that this particular show had been renewed in January in previous years. So, you can understand why some of us were starting to sweat a little.

As for how many episodes the network has ordered, well, that remains a mystery for the moment. Quite frankly, it wouldn’t surprise us if season 4 were to consist of a 13 or 16-episode order or if Fox were to change the night and/or timeslot. Such things are expected of shows that are renewed at the last minute, yet have a decline in viewership. Thus, don’t be shocked if this ends up getting the Friday night treatment.

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