Wednesday 31 May 2017

Movie: Wonder Woman 2 Might Take A While

DC Extended Universe continues to be a point of fixation for comic book fans, and that level of excitement is beginning to scale up once more in anticipation of Patty Jenkins’ standalone Wonder Woman movie.
Diana Prince’s fantastical origin story is the fourth entry into the DCEU to date, and already there’ve been rumblings of a sequel getting the green light from the Powers That Be and Jenkins has even outlined her plan to bring Diana back to the future, providing Warner Bros. issues the go-ahead on Wonder Woman 2.

Diana’s second solo movie may well be further along than initially thought, the news which first appeared on 4chan, claims that WB has not only identified the sequel’s primary antagonist but that the studio is also in possession of a “detailed outline” of the movie’s story arc.

This is what was found on 4chanWonder Woman 2 has been in discussions for months and a detailed outline of the film has already been written. The studio is waiting to see how Wonder Woman performs opening weekend. The film will feature Cheetah as the villain and the studio will most likely cast a big female lead for the role. Chris Pine will not return for the sequel.”

On June 2nd, Wonder Woman will march into theatres. 

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