Monday 15 May 2017

Update On Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a classic in the horror genre, none of the following sequels, have been very good. The franchise currently boasts 7 films each one changed things up a bit, and not for the better. The result has been a tonally inconsistent and often ridiculed series of movies, with each one being worse than the last – for the most part.

Despite this, the producers aren’t giving up they’re now bringing us Leatherface. Set to be a prequel to the original, the project has been sitting on the shelf for a while now, having been shot back in 2015. It’s been some time since we’ve heard a status update on it, too, but today, there’s some promising news, as we’re learning that it will tear its way into theatres this October.

Picking up the infamous chainsaw and mask this time around will be Sam Strike, the British actor best known for his appearance on BBC’s soap drama, Eastenders, with Vanessa Grasse and Stephen Dorff also on board for the scarefest. The pair are set to play the young and innocent Lizzy and a lawman hellbent on unravelling the unspeakable evil haunting the Texas state. Beyond that, Leatherface will also star Lili Taylor as Verne Sawyer, Sam Coleman as Bud, James Bloor as Ike and Jessica Madsen as Clarice.

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