Thursday 25 May 2017

Watch 'The Flash' Season Finale Teaser

If your memory serves you well, then you’ll remember that in the episode “Abra Kadabra” that aired a few months back, the titular villain casually mentioned a “DeVoe” in the same breath as Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon, citing him as one of Barry Allen’s greatest nemeses. Well, in “Finish Line,” Savitar became the second villain with knowledge of the future to let that name slip, further strengthening the possibility that we’ll see the Thinker come this fall.
Should this pan out we fully expect the producers to amalgamate various versions of the Thinker to appear in the comics, just as they did with the likes of Reverse-Flash and Zoom. Heck, even Savitar was a consolidation of his counterpart to have appeared on the printed page with the Future Flash. That said, we’ll just have to wait and see if the small screen DeVoe will be a criminal mastermind or an artificial intelligence.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.

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