Monday, 5 June 2017

#AHVideoAnalysis: Absolute Hearts Music Video Analysis

We kicked off the month of June with these set of videos, remember the Absolute Hearts Music Video Analysis is about the video directors and how well they have done. 
So without further ado these are the video we are reviewing:
1. 2Baba - Holy Holy: Shot and directed by Clarence Peters, this video gave this song a whole new meaning entirely and I was impressed with the visual effects in the video most especially the part where 2Baba froze everyone and the other part they were trying to stone him. What this video depicts is very deep and the story it was telling is what every Nigerian can relate with. It tells a story of how much Nigeria has been hurt and 2baba is a man on a mission to save Nigeria. Nice video for a brilliant song, the rating would be 9/10. 

2. Davido - Fall: DAPS did a brilliantly on this video, the concept and story was very good. Started off with Davido's girlfriend nagging and when he got fed up he left her in the car. Walking down the street he came across a girl who he fell for and imagined this beautiful world with her only to be snapped out of it by his driver. Nice concept as the rating would be 8/10. 

3. Jesse Jagz - Best In You: Directed by Graimmy Thesoh, the rating of this video would be 4/10. I have tried to understand the concept or the story behind this video, really I couldn’t understand it. Don’t get me wrong, I know the song itself has the dark feeling in it but that didn’t mean the video should base on that all through, a little bit of little would have gone a long way. The whole concept of putting Jesse Jagz in this invincible mood didn’t work well. 

4. Kiss Daniel - Sofa: Another Clarence Peters directed video and once again Clarence came through on this one. The song and the video were in perfect match, once again Clarence was able to add in some cool visual effect, the rating would be 8/10.

5. Phyno ft. Burnaboy x M.I - Link-Up: Simplicity and Creativity, these are two things that were displayed throughout this video. Unlimited LA really surprised me with this video, yes he is one of the best video directors in the country but I never saw him directing this kind of hip hop video, he killed it. The rating would be 8/10. 

6. CDQ ft. Davido: This video was Filmed by Paul Gambit and the rating would be 7/10, not a bad video but there wasn’t anything special or out of the ordinary in the video, it's the kind of video you would expect for this kind of party song. 

7. Olamide Wavy Level: Cool concept, as expected Olamide had his crew with him in this video with most rocking similar hairstyle to that of Badoo. Nothing really out of the ordinary in this video which was directed by Moe Musa and the rating would be 7/10. 

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