Monday 12 June 2017

Another Cast Update On X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Fox is in a bit of an odd position with their X-Men franchise but that hasn’t stopped the studio from pushing forward though and 2018 will bring with it X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Adapting the mega popular comic book arc of the same time, casting is now underway and while we’ve heard that familiar faces like Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender will likely be back, along with James McAvoy, we’re now starting to learn about some new additions.

Jeff Sneider of Meet the Movie Press says the studio may bring in Jessica Chastain. While Sneider doesn’t specifically name Chastain, his Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby reference at the end of his Tweet says a lot, Chastain starred alongside James McAvoy in that film. Again, no comment from Fox at this time, but from what we understand, Chastain would play the role that they wanted Angeline Jolie for, that of Empress of the Shi’ar.

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