Saturday, 3 June 2017

GCPD In Search For A Cure To A Virus In Gotham Season Finale

Before the League of Shadows can make their presence known, the dedicated folks at the GCPD will do all they can to avert catastrophe.
Lucius Fox brings news that there is, in fact, a possible cure to the virus, bringing much relief to Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon – especially when you consider that the latter is currently infected. There’s just one problem, though: Hugo Strange, the man with the formula, is currently in the wind. Thus, the hunt begins.

For more information regarding Gotham‘s two-hour finale, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:
With the deadly virus spreading throughout the city, the search for the antidote continues, as Fish Mooney, The Riddler and Penguin reveal plans of their own. Bruce meets Ra’s Al Ghul  and completes his last task in order to fulfill his destiny, but realizes he can’t let go of his past. Meanwhile, Gordon tries to win back Lee, and past alliances within Gotham City are broken, while new alliances are formed in the all-new

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