Thursday 13 July 2017

5 safety tips that could save your life

The importance of knowing what to do in times of uncertainty or emergency can never be overemphasized. Therefore, here are 5 safety tips that could save your life.

Save Emergency Numbers
Especially when traveling to new places or environments, you must always know what the local emergency numbers are and have them saved on your phone (have them on speed dial, if possible). Additionally, if you’re traveling overseas, research the phone numbers and address of embassies or consulates you can run to in case of an emergency. Be sure to also review the escape routes of wherever you are at all times. Also, never joke with your security and if you notice any suspicious movement wherever you are, raise an alarm or try to get away from the place to a more public place. Avoid brushing it off as nothing, until you’re absolutely sure it’s nothing.
Ensure You Have Remote Wipe Capabilities Set For Your Smart Devices
This should be especially important to you when traveling because that can be considered a vulnerable period for you. You should ensure remote wipe capabilities are set up for your smartphones, smart devices and even car electronics (if you’re using a private car that has one) so that you can easily erase their contents if they are stolen.
If You Have a Physical Car Key, Carry it in Your Hand When Walking in a Parking Lot
This is to reduce the amount of time it takes to get into your car and start it when in the parking lot, to reduce exposure to car theft or even kidnapping. It should mainly be done at night. In addition, you should not dangle the car key in your hand so someone doesn’t just snatch them from you; you should hold them in your palm and make a fist with them, with some part of the key maybe protruding between your knuckles. Aside keeping your key safe, this can serve as a makeshift weapon for you in case of an attack or emergency.
Always Hang Up and Call Back at a Pre-Known Number, Any Call Asking For Private Information or For You To Take Risky Action
If you receive a call that claims to be from your bank about a potential fraud on your account, you should immediately hang-up and call the bank’s known customer care number to confirm the claims are true. Also, if you’re lodged in a hotel and you receive a call to your room from a hotel staff about a problem with your account or about your room needing repairs or something, you should always hang-up and call the known front-desk number to confirm if this is actually true. Don’t just oblige any request for you to provide private information or make yourself available without first confirming from a pre-known and definitely authentic number, if that is actually the case.
Block People’s View of Your Hand When Entering PIN Numbers, Alarm Codes etc.
You might think this is being paranoid, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s funny that people do not realize that in the age of smartphones and other advanced technology, people can be surreptitiously recording them. People can also purposely pay close attention to the movement of your hand so they can later track you, steal your card (if it’s a debit card PIN number you’re entering) and get access to your account through their mastery of the movement of your hand while entering your PIN. In addition, you should also check the card reader of ATM machines and if they appear to have been tampered with, find another machine to use.

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