Tuesday 4 July 2017

#DMTClassNG: Reports from Digital Marketing Training Class 4.0.

The forth edition of Nigeria's foremost Digital Marketing Training Seminar, Digital Marketing Training Class (#DMTClassNG) was held on the 17th and 24th of June 2017. 

Digital Marketing Training Class 4.0 (DMTClassNG) was no business as usual and it was the first time the practical training event will run for two Saturdays (except the third edition which also ran for two days but on a Friday and Saturday).

It is also the first time the training will be targeted at a more mature audience, as the training convener, Mr Babatunde Tunny Ogunnowo promised to make the forth edition the most intense and the most revealing of all the last three editions.

In addition, this is also the first time publicity for the training will start a bit close to the training date as publicity for the training started on May 29th 2017 (three weeks to the day 1 training date).

The training addressed seven major Digital marketing modules which are:
1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
a. an overview of Digital and Social Media Marketing.
b. the importance of Digital Marketing
c. best practices in Digital Marketing 

2. Social Media Marketing
a. The Social Media selling approach
b. how to use Social Media for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
c. how to use Social Media for branding
d. creating and launching Social Media campaigns
e. gaining Marketing edge with Social Media Marketing
f. learning how to deploy social media tools for business profit
g. Business opportunities in Social Media Marketing
h. Practicals on how to launch effective Social Media Sponsored Ads (Campaigns).
i. Understanding Social Media analytics to measure business growth

3. Blogging & Content Marketing
a. Introduction to Blogging and Content Marketing
b. Practicals on setting up a professional blog
c. Managing a professional blog
d. Tools needed for Blogging
e. Monetizing your blog (making money from your blog)
f. Using Blogging a grow your business sales and awareness

4. SMS Marketing
a. Strategies to market your business with SMS Marketing
b. Making money with SMS Marketing.
c. Business opportunities in SMS Marketing

5. Affiliate Marketing
a. Making money with affiliate marketing and how to be an affiliate marketer

6. Information Marketing
a. How to make money with Information Marketing.

a. Understanding keywords attributes
b. Understanding keywords distribution.
c. Optimizing site structure.
d. Getting your website on Search Engine first page and more.

These were the seven major modules treated at the training but other minor modules include: how to put up forms online, how to use Digital Marketing to raise attendance to a free or paid event, in dept revelation on tools for building Social Media followership and more.

In a bid to tailor the training to the specific needs of all participants, at the end of the training each participants were given an opportunity to share their business ideas with the class and digital marketing solutions were provided by the training convener, Babatunde 'Tunny' Ogunnowo.

Each participants were also given a digital gift worth N10,000. See photos from the event below:

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View a video testimonial from one of the participants below:

View more photos from the training here > Digital Marketing Training Class 4.0 (#DMTClassNG) photo album
The next edition of the training will be held soon. To enroll for the class contact: 08027922363 or dmtclassng@gmail.com

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