Tuesday 18 July 2017

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Breaks Ratings Records

Game Of Thrones returned on Sunday, July 16 to a massive record-making audience for the cable channel. Without additional means of watching, the first-run telecast had 10.1 million viewers. With DVR viewing, streaming and repeats night off, the audience for Game of Thrones' season seven premiere is at 16.1 million viewers right now.
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The season seven one-day numbers are a series high for Game of Thrones. For comparison, Game of Thrones' season six debut had 10.7 million viewers with streaming numbers factored in.

The gap between Game of Thrones season six and season seven was the longest the show ever faced, clocking in at more than a year between the season six finale and the season seven premiere. The HBO fantasy series also debuted a good three months after its normal April premiere date.

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