Tuesday 18 July 2017

Hip Hop Star Tyga On Board For Scream Season 3

MTV has begun casting its new leads for Scream season 3 welcoming fresh blood aboard its TV revamp, reports that Tyga and C.J. Wallace have now joined the network’s horror series, which will premiere as a three-night event in March of 2018.

Stretching for six hours in total, content-wise, Scream season 3 is a notable downgrade from previous instalments in the show, given how seasons 1 and 2 were comprised of 10 and 13 episodes, respectively. For this particular incarnation, which comes from the mind of Queen Latifah and showrunner Brett MatthewsScream will tell the story of Deion Elliot, a “local star running back whose tragic past comes back to haunt him at the worst time, threatening his hard-earned plans for his future — and the lives of his unlikely group of friends.”
Tyga has signed on to play Jamal, Deion’s “older step-brother. Though they share blood, their worldviews couldn’t be more different. Jamal is a hustler by nature, willing to work any angle to make ends meet for those he considers family. But when Jamal’s ambitions don’t line up with Deion’s, it forces them to decide exactly how they fit into each other’s lives.”
As for C.J. Wallace, he’ll assume the role of Amir, a “good kid whose strict parents expect him to keep clean during high school, stay away from girls and ultimately find his place within the family business. But when events make him the unexpected target of a killer, Amir finds himself in over his head and his world view challenged.”

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