Monday 31 July 2017

'They almost tagged me a kidnapper' - Photographer who discovered girl with multi-coloured eyes narrates her ordeal at Mile 12 market

On Saturday, a picture of a young girl named Peace, whose eye balls are multi-coloured went viral on the internet. The picture, which was first published on Absolute Hearts Blog became a trending topic on the internet till the late hours of Sunday.

Peace is a young girl who sells Ugwu with her parents at Mile 12 market. She was discovered by Abimbola Balogun of Revealia Photography.

Abimbola Balogun
Abimbola, in her good intents towards Peace decided to do a proper photoshoot for Peace in a bid showcase the uniqueness in the young girl. However, getting back to Mile 12 market to inform Peace and her parents of her intentions, Abimbola was taken by surprise by other market women. Read below as she narrates her experience:
I can't believe how ignorant and envious people can be... I went to meet peace where her mum sells Ugwu and I was almost eaten raw by the Ugwu sellers there... I was so disoriented!
Peace' Mum didn't complain, I already spoke with her Dad and he was grateful but these women couldn't hide their jealousy, they made a scene and almost tagged me a kidnapper...people started gathering.
The envious Ugwu women said they saw her pictures everywhere on the internet that she was too young, I asked them if she was too young to be successful?
These women were trying to convince her mum not to allow me take her to the studio for  professional photos. They even blamed her for allowing me to take the pictures in the first place.
That's when it became so obvious that it was jealousy! she said


  1. Read Abbott this on the Nigerian forum and was indeed captivated by her eyes and have been pondering how to get in touch with the photographer in order to have her get the girl in some photo sessions with a morning agency....please do respond with your email address so I can send yoh details about what plans are being worked on

    1. please contact or 08027922363


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