Friday 4 August 2017

5 Travel Hacks For Lazy People

If you have ever gone to bed a night before an early travel, the only thing that will be on your mind is how you are going to pack. If you are a lazy person, these following tips will make the boring parts of travel such as packing and organising easier on you.

Don’t unpack your suitcase
The important things you need whenever you travel should always stay in your suitcase when it's at home. You can leave items such as neck pillow, adapter, and other travel essentials in the suitcase at all times. Doing this will give you fewer things to pack.
Be the last to get on and off the plane
To avoid stressing yourself, being the last one to board a plane and the last one to get off is an excellent lazy travel hack. You can relax somewhere, charging your phone or sending last-minute emails while everyone else queues while elbowing each other. This said, make sure you keep an eye on whatever is going on so that you don't miss your flight.
Save a general packing list
You can create a list on your phone next time you are packing. It will feature everything you are bringing. This will also save you time.
Treat yourself to room service
One fact about room service is that the prices are almost always the same as those in the hotel restaurants. So, if you’re feeling too lazy to go for a meal at the restaurant, you may as well treat yourself to room service.
Book a resort
If the idea of laying on a beach and having unlimited food and drinks brought to you sounds more appealing; then go ahead and book yourself an all-inclusive for your next vacation. You do not have to worry about anything like where to eat, how to get places or organising activities, the resort will do it all for you. But remember, your pocket must be very deep to do this.

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