Saturday, 19 August 2017

Antonio Conte Begs For More Time To Build Chelsea

Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte is warning that time and patience are required to build sustainable foundations. Conte won the Premier League title and reached the FA Cup final in his first season in charge but he thinks that masks the fact there are underlying issues which must be resolved for long-term success at the club.

It has been a difficult summer for Conte despite winning the title and signing an improved contract, although not an extension to the deal which has two years left to run.
He said “No-one put a gun (to) my head and (said): 'You win or you go away', the only thing I can promise is work, work, work and that I will try to do my best to improve the club. Sometimes you can win but you are not building something positive for your future. Sometimes you don't win but you are preparing yourself to be better. We have to build a solid foundation, and in this moment we don't have this solid foundation. Last season we started to build this foundation and we won so it means we built something. But now it's not enough, so we have to improve, to extend this basis, work together with new players.” 

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