Tuesday 1 August 2017

#StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Nine)

Today, we publish the seventh episode of our story titled SHALEWA. If you missed the previous episode please goto > #StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Eight). Enjoy episode nine below:

Inspired by a True Life Story
Shalewa why did you have bring shame upon me like this, how do you expect me to break this news to your father, Shalewa you shouldn’t have done this

The Morning Of The Event
………….Conversation continued
Kikelomo: But really tell me what exactly is making you happy, is it the show or the fact that Bode would be there?

Shalewa: Sis! Don’t be like that, you know how much I love music concerts plus this is my first since I came to Nigeria, plus Dave would be performing so why won’t I be happy. Though I have to say the fact Bode and I would be spending our first night together is really giving me butterflies

Kikelomo: Don’t you think it’s too early?

Shalewa: Too early for what?

Kikelomo: Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about, didn’t you say “spending the night with Bode is giving you butterflies

Shalewa: Sis! Really! I wouldn’t do that, Jeez, yes I have thought of it but it's our first night together, I don’t see us going that far

Kikelomo: I know what I am just saying trust me, I know Nigerian guys, that's all they are after……

Shalewa: ……..Bode isn’t like that, he respects me and likes the fact that I am still a virgin

Kikelomo: Na so, they all like you as a virgin until they have had sex with you like three times then the story go change. I am not saying you shouldn’t have sex oooo I just dey talk say make you sure it comes from your heart and don’t do it if you know you might regret it

Shalewa: Yes sis I understand, like I said Bode isn’t like most guys

Kikelomo: I hope so

The Afternoon Of The Event

Shalewa’s Mum: Shalewa I don’t feel comfortable with this outing of yours

Shalewa: Mum please, I am begging you

Shalewa’s Mum: Shalewa you know I have never prevented you from going out but this overnight thing is what I am not comfortable with. Where will you tell your father you are when he calls?

Shalewa: His call won’t connect, my phone would be off

Shalewa’s Mum: No I don’t want that, what if I want to get through to you, if he tries you and he doesn’t get through he would call me and I can’t lie to your father about your whereabouts

Shalewa: Mum pleaseeee, you know I haven’t really asked you for anything, I need this

Shalewa’s Mum: Shalewa you are really putting me in a difficult spot here

Shalewa: I know mum, just this one time pleaseeeee

Shalewa’s Mum: Okay but on one condition

Shalewa: Name it mum

Shalewa’s Mum: You get to keep your phone on so I can check in on you every one hour

Shalewa: Mum

Shalewa’s Mum: Yes Shalewa, every hour and I mean it

Shalewa: Okay mum, thanks I love you

Shalewa’s Mum: I love you too, by the way what about Kikelomo would she be going with you?

Shalewa: Yes mum, we are going together

Shalewa’s Mum: So where is she?, I haven’t seen her all afternoon

Shalewa: She said she was going to the mall

Shalewa’s Mum: Alright, I going to my room make sure you both see me once she gets back

Shalewa: Okay mum, once again thank you mum

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